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Visitors should be prepared for a wide range of weather conditions. Temperatures vary with changes in elevation, and day/night temperatures may differ by over 30 F.

Spring weather is very unpredictable. Stormy, wet days are common, but warm, sunny weather may occur too. Precipitation peaks in March. Spring wildflowers bloom from April through June, peaking in May.

Summer days are hot (95-105 F), but overnight lows are usually comfortable (75-70 F). Afternoon thunderstorms are common from mid-July through mid-September. Storms may produce waterfalls as well as flash floods.

Fall days are usually clear and mild; nights are often cool. Autumn color displays begin in September in the high country (Cedar Breaks, Lava Point). Colors in Zion Canyon usually peak in late October.

Winters in Zion Canyon are fairly mild. Winter storms often bring rain or light snow to Zion Canyon, but heavier snow to the higher elevations. Clear days may become quite warm, reaching 60 F or higher; nights are often in the 20's and 30's.

Winter storms often last several days and cause roads to be icy. Zion roads are plowed, except the Kolob Terrace road (to Lava Point), which closes in winter. Travellers should be prepared for winter driving conditions from November through March.

For a handy table of MONTHLY TEMPERATURES AND PRECIPITATION, click here.

For a HEAT INDEX and advice on how to use it, click here.

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