Zion National Park Virtual Shuttle Tour

If you want to see Zion and even make the dangerous climb to Angels Landing without leaving your chair (or your twinkies), this is the place for you!

First, go to the Apple QuickTime site and download the QTVR viewer. Otherwise, you won't be able to join us on this excellent adventure into Zion. Each movie is small--only about 150K, and will download in about 2 minutes (at 28.8K). Once a movie is loaded, we can look up or down, pan left or right a full 360 degrees and zoom in and out with just a mouse and keyboard.

To look up or down, just hold down your mouse button and move the mouse up or down. To look left or right, (you guessed it) hold down your mouse button and move the mouse left or right. To zoom in, press the Shift key; to zoom out, press the Ctrl key.

Two more important things:

#1--Remember to exit the QuickTime viewer (not your browser) after viewing each image. Otherwise, you'll run multiple instances of the viewer and probably run out of memory.

#2--If you experience a color shift (strange colors), just select "About Movie Player" from the QuickTime viewer Help menu. That will fix things.

That's it! Are you ready? Then let's git!

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