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A Pioneer Tribute

As a result of his research and experience, Dan Thornton was commissioned to paint a view of the temple as it might have appeared in Nauvoo prior to its destruction. Combining his detailed knowledge of the temple with his 19th-century painting style, Thornton created the 24" x 36" oil painting titled Nauvoo, Illinois, mid 1840's, a serene expression of the hopes and labors early Mormon pioneers so truly manifested in building the beautiful city, Nauvoo.

This remarkable oil painting commemorates the beginning of the Pioneer movement to the West, as most residents of Nauvoo left their beautiful city for a new life "far away, in the West." The painting features the glorious Temple and the brief period in history when the Temple stood complete on the hill overlooking the beautiful city of Nauvoo.

The painting was featured inside the front cover of the May 1995 issue of the Ensign magazine. Limited edition collector's prints are now available, each signed and numbered by the artist.

For a larger picture of the temple print and ordering information, CLICK HERE. Obviously, scanned photos of the print viewed on a computer screen are terribly inferior to the actual print. However, this image will give you some idea of how beautiful the print truly is.

NOTE: For the Pioneer Sesquicentennial, Dan has prepared a 30 minute slide show and lecture that explains how he created the temple model and how the film, Mountain of the Lord, was filmed. The presentation features many additional pictures not shown on this web site. Dan's insights on the temple building and the feelings of the pioneers who watched it burn are unique and inspirational.

If your group is interested in Dan's presentation, just CLICK HERE to send email. You can also write to Dan Thornton, 470 North 500 East, Provo, Utah 84606. Or, give Dan a call at 801-374-6142.


Dan has relocated to Missouri. You can email him at or give him a call at 816-387-9765. You can also write to him at:

Dan Thornton
Thornton Gallery
P.O. Box 8291
St. Joseph, MO 64508

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