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The year 1997 marks the Sesquicentennial anniversary of Mormon Pioneers' entry into the Valley of the Great Salt Lake. Their success in settling the area and founding a great city is undisputed.

Few realize that Salt Lake is not the first city organized by the Mormons. To understand the Pioneers and their phenominal success, we must travel back in time to where their journey West began: the city of Nauvoo.

In 1994, the LDS Church produced a Feature Film called Mountain of the Lord. This magnificent motion picture was filmed by Oscar award winner Keith Merril and chronicles the Saints journey "from Temple to Temple" (Nauvoo to Salt Lake City).

Perhaps the most moving part of the film depicts the tragic scene in which the Nauvoo Temple was destroyed by fire. But how was this incredible event recreated when the original temple had long been destroyed?

Here for the first time, in commemoration of the Pioneer Sesquicentennial, we bring you never-before-seen photos of the recreated Nauvoo Temple. Come with us "behind the scenes" for a look at old Nauvoo.

This is the story of an amazing young artist, designer and builder and how he briefly raised the Nauvoo Temple from the dust and created a stirring and lasting tribute to the hopes and dreams of the Pioneers and their beautiful city, Nauvoo.

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Making the LDS Feature Film, Mountain of the Lord

Nauvoo Temple FAQ

1848 Newspaper Report of the Temple Fire

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