Help Us Build The Best Links in the Virtual State of Deseret
(And we ain't talkin' weinerschnitzel, Dude!)

As of April 1, 1998, there were about 320 million Web pages out there (and that ain't no April Fools, Dudes). Researchers say that even the best search engines can't index them all.

Lycos has about 3 percent coverage, Excite about 14 percent, and AltaVista only 28 percent. The most comprehensive index was HotBot with only 34 percent coverage! Where are the other two-thirds of the pages? And who wants to spend their time sorting through all the garbage to find the LDS stuff???

We're trying to help, but we need YOUR HELP!!!

Here's how it works:

Tell us about your favorite web sites that should be included in either CompuSaint or Deseret Online. Send email to Brion We'll check out the site and list it as soon as we can.

If we list your site, you can download and display this nifty little gif:

Check back every once in a while and watch for the grand opening of these two new sites!

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