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Brigham Young Signature

An Introduction to Graphology

"Your pen is vibrant with your thoughts and feelings as you write. Graphology is not fortune-telling but the scientific study of personality and character, revealed in the recorded motion of handwriting. The late Dr. Louise Rice introduced graphology to this country as a practical tool. She wrote several books, taught a useful system of analysis and founded the American Graphological Society. Scotland Yard employs graphologists. So does our own FBI."
--Muriel Stafford

About the Signature

The writing analyzed below is an accurate reproduction of Brigham Young's signature at the height of his political and spiritual influence as the first governor of the State of Deseret. Some of his greatest achievements (and disappointments) followed this remarkable period of time. Brother Brigham was destined to colonize the Great Basin, implement the United Order and introduce a new form of writing, the Deseret alphabet, in his capacity as Prophet and Governor.

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An Analysis of Brigham Young's Signature

Brigham Young
This strong, right-slanting signature is that of a stong, dependable person. He has a firm will, yet is not strictly dictatorial; a practical outlook, yet is not highly materialistic; an assertive sexual nature, yet is not overly sexed.

The simple B aspires with graceful dignity. Both upper and lower loops of Y are wide and full, denoting a combination of spirituality (above) and awareness of material needs (below).

The lower loop of the g is double crossed, indicating a feeling of unreasonable guilt where sex is concerned. This may be due to the writer's ambivalence regarding the practice of plural marriage. This twisting of the lower loop after several years of marriage indicates a state of mind that may cause the writer to expiate his sense of guilt upon his family in a manner that may appear unreasonable or tyrannical.

The central zone has both right-slanted, rounded letters (g, a, and o), revealing a protective, warmhearted social consciousness, and forceful, pointed letters (r, i, and u), indicating a belief in his own religious principles and the expectation that others respect them as well.

In summary, this writing shows deep pressure with graceful, right-slanted letters, revealing a warmth and force of personality that has sometimes changed the course of history. Never underestimate such a writer.

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