Brion Zion's


Rise Up!

"The Mormon Battalion will be held in honorable remembrance to the latest generation; and I will prophesy that the children of those who have been in the army, in defense of their country, will grow up and bless their fathers for what they did at that time. And men and nations will rise up and bless the men who went in that Battalion."

Brigham Young

Original "Circular to the Mormons"

Issued by Captain James Allen of the U.S. Army

Modern-day Call for Volunteers

We need your help to locate and mark graves

Official Roster of Men, Women and Children

See the 72 members whose graves have been located and marked!

Battalion News

FLASH!!!--Fort Moore Re-enactment on July 4!

Battalion History

This week: Work begins on Fort Moore in Los Angeles

Fort Moore Memorial

Much larger than the Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C.!!!

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