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Deseret Olympics 2001

Deseret Olympics
Coming Soon--Winter Games with an Attitude!!!

Long before the IOC awarded the organization of the 19th Olympic Winter Games to the City of Salt Lake, the State of Deseret announced the organization of the Deseret Olympics in the first year of the new millenium.

The biggest problem was timing, because the events were scheduled for July 4th (Independence Day) through July 24th (Pioneer Day). Everyone knows there's no snow in Utah at that time (except maybe in the High Uintas or possibly Cedar Breaks).

Then we started searching for a place where we could do the whole winter thing in the middle of July. Guess what we found?

Forget everything you think you know about competitive winter sports--here's what's up!

We Gotcha, Dude! Glacier Sports Centers and Gotcha have teamed up to bring the Winter Games with an Attitude to the State of Deseret. It's the Gotcha Glacier of Anaheim, which is conveniently located within the boundaries of the State of Deseret!

Stay tuned for more details!!!

NOTE: The graphic above flashes the word "Deseret" in the Deseret alphabet. If you don't know the alphabet, better click here and find out what's up!

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