(A Quick Cruising Lesson)

Let's keep this short and sweet! There are two sets of icons (or pictures) that you use to navigate these pages: 1) The ones at the top of each page, and 2) The ones at the bottom of each page.

Click on the ones at the top, and you are transported to the Book Store, the Visitor Center, the Kids page, the Cool Links page, the Newsroom, or the Zion Shuttle. You can always tell where you are by looking at the large icon at the top of the page (like the For Kids! icon at the top of this page).

At the bottom of each page are four other icons: the left arrow, the house, the question mark, and the right arrow. The left arrow will take you back a page or up a level. The right arrow will take you forward a page or down a level. The house will take you to the opening screen (home). The question mark will take you to this help page.

If you're running these pages from your hard drive (not online), remember that clicking on some links will make your browser connect you online. These links are marked with the symbol.

If you need more help than this, first consult the books that came with your Web Browser software. Or try these Web pages for beginners:

Beginner's Central (Northern Webs, Idaho)

A Guide to Cyberspace (Kevin Hughes)

Exploring the World-Wide Web (University of Georgia)

If you're really stuck, send email to Brion Zion. Have a good one, Dude!

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