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Of All Things : Classic Quotations from Hugh Nibley
By Nibley, Hugh/Gillum, Gary

Here's a bit of everything from the foremost Mormon scholar: Hugh Nibley. All in English, too--no Sanskrit!

PRICE: US$ 12.95
YOU SAVE: $ 1.94 (15%)
YOUR PRICE: $ 11.01

The Mormon Diet a Word of Wisdom : 14 Days to New Vigor and Health
By Updike, Earl F.

Official text of the Word of Wisdom Diet Center, based on the famous Section 89 of the Doctrine and Covenants.

PRICE: US$ 9.95
YOU SAVE: $ 1.49 (15%)
YOUR PRICE: $ 8.46

Best Books Under $5
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Baseball Quotations : The Wisdom and Wisecracks of the Great American Pastime
By Nathan, David H.

If a player or lover of the game said it--and it's worth remembering--it's among these 2,000 gems of diamondese.

PRICE: US$ 4.99
YOU SAVE: $ 0.75 (15%)
YOUR PRICE: $ 4.24

Studies in I Nephi (Book of Mormon Study Series)
By Shields, Steven L.

The first in a series of inspiring works to help you get the most from your studies of the Book of Mormon.

PRICE: US$ 3.50
YOU SAVE: $ 0.53 (15%)
YOUR PRICE: $ 2.98

Best FREE Books
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The Electronic Library is provided as a free public service for the dissemination of electronic books (ebooks). We have thousands of titles available in a variety of subject areas. Everything from the complete works of William Shakespeare to scripts by Monty Python.

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