Mormon Battalion Events

Battalion Mustering Re-Lived
July 12 and 13, 1996
Council Bluffs, Iowa

Battalion Monument Dedicated
December 14, 1996
Tucson, Arizon

Mormon Battalion Saluted on the West Coast
March 23, 1997
Los Angeles, California

Fort Moore Tribute
April 26, 1997
Los Angeles, California

Re-enactment of 1st Independence Day Celebration in Los Angeles
July 4, 1997
Los Angeles, California

Battalion Regatta from Los Angeles to San Francisco
(Stops in Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Monterey and Santa Cruz)
August 17 through September 24, 1997
Pacific Ocean

Battalion Mustering Re-Lived

On July 12 and 13, 1996 the Grand Encampment celebration took place on the campus of the Iowa School for the Deaf in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

This is the site where the Mormon Battalion was mustered in 150 years ago and where the Mormon pioneers camped after their exodus across Iowa that same year.

A crowd of 9,500 people attended a re-enactment of the Battalion mustering on July 13. Descendants of the original Battalion members were dressed in period clothing and called to sign in. They were given the original oath of allegiance by retired Army Maj. Joseph R. Carlson, who represented Capt. James Allen of the original Battalion.

Steve Young (the football superstar) posed as Brigham Young (the pioneer superstar) and gave the mustering speech.

After the ceremonies, a modern-day Pitt's Brass Band belted out the tune "The Girl I Left Behind Me," and the Battalion marched off, just as it had 150 years earlier on its way to Los Angeles.

Battalion Monument Dedicated in Tucson, Arizona

On December 14, 1996, a 19-foot-tall statue was dedicated in memory of the Mormon Battalion in Tucson, Arizona. The statue depicts battalion members Christopher Layton (Private, Co. C) and Jefferson Hunt (Captain, Co. A) carrying a flag and trading with Teodoro Ramirez (Tucson merchant).

A crowd of 3,000 people listened to remarks by Mormon Church officials, and various politicians representing Arizona and Tucson.

Some 2,500 Arizon boy scouts hiked for 10 miles along the Battalion trail into Tucson and presented the flag at the dedication ceremonies.

Mormon Battalion to be Saluted on the West Coast

Join us March 23, 1997 in Los Angeles for our own Million Man Muster to honor the Mormon Battalion! Follow the directions to the Fort Moore Memorial on Hill Street just above China Town. We don't care how many show up--we're gonna call it a Million no matter what!

Be one of the few to see the neglected, run-down site. Be one of the BRAVE few who actually dares to get out of his car to walk over to the monument. See how no one bothers to raise a flag on that site any more. Watch as no Church authorities appear to make speeches. Look around for the non-existent visitor center. Wonder why the biggest monument to the Mormons in the entire world is completely neglected! Finally, look across the freeway and see the HUGE site recently purchased by the Catholic Church, where they will build a lovely new Southern California Headquarters.

Fort Moore Tribute

On April 26, 1847, the Battalion began building "a fort on the hill." Join us April 26, 1997 as we honor their efforts at the site of Fort Moore, just north of downtown L.A. This is the second of three Million Man Musters we are holding this year (women and children are welcome, of course!)

This is a non-commercial event. That means there will be no politicians or other officials making speeches, no fees, fundraising, fireworks, etc.--just a few people honoring the Battalion in their own way.

Call it anarchy if you will--we call it agency, freedom, respect, tribute, etc.

Re-enactment of 1st Independence Day Celebration

Remember this posting from a while back?:

"This event should take place July 4, 1997 at the Fort Moore Memorial. Don't hold your breath, though. The Sons of the Pioneers have no interest in doing anything; the Daughters of the Pioneers are hoping for a fat cat to finance a major clean-up and renovation (forget volunteer work); the Mormon Church hopes everyone will just forget the thing exists; and various other government units can't afford the hit to their miscellaneous slush funds.

Instead, look for a few street people that I am going to organize to represent Battalion Members. We'll have a flag raising and pot luck dinner. And if you don't think I'm going to do it--just watch me!"

Well, I was wrong. Check this out:

"Thank you for all your help and work on the Mormon Battalion, and the internet. Fort Moore has been my pet project for the past 6 years, after I found the flag pole empty on the fourth of July and upon investagating was told the man who puts the flag on the pole had the day off. He did not fly the flag on Holidays or Weekends... One year I was told they did not have a flag for me to borrow, so I made some calls and within a few minutes a call came in asking me if I were the lady who had stirred up the hornets nest, to which I replied YES. We had a new flag to fly that 4th of July.... That particular flag now flys upon the LA Unified School District Flag pole @ Ft. Moore place.... This year we will have a 25ft x 38ft flag from the US Dragoons, to fly on our Ft. Moore Flag pole."

Thanks again,

Carol Autenrieth (a.k.a grandma-carol)

Grandma Carol, I am sorry, and I take back what I said (for now, anyhow) and provide the following info:

What: Authentic Reenactment of the 1st Independence Day Celebration in Southern California.

When: July 4, 1997; 10:00 a.m. PST

Where: Fort Moore Pioneer Memorial. Hill Street between Temple and Sunset just north of downtown Los Angeles. Click Here for detailed directions.

Highlights: Authentic 1847 Military Drill, Brass Band, Cannon Fire, Black Powder Musket Salute, Spanish Dance Extravaganza.

Parking at the corner of Temple and Hill Streets. Preferred seating is available.

This event is being sponsored by Times Mirror Corp. and will be one of the greatest Pioneer Salutes of the last 150 years and one of the biggest events for the City of Los Angeles.


Reenactors and Blackpowder Shooters are needed at once to form the color guard.

For more info, email or

Battalion Regatta from Los Angeles to San Francisco

This one should be fun. My brother has a couple of small sail boats, so we're going to follow the route of John Borrowman (Private, Co. B) and some other Battalion Members from Los Angeles to San Francisco via water.

The night before we leave, have a dinner/dance bash at the scout marina in Marina del Rey. The next morning, we'll head north. We plan stops in Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Monterey and Santa Cruz.

Join us August 17 through September 24, 1997 in the Pacific Ocean. For more information, send email to

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