The Fort Moore Mormon Battalion Monument

Chances are, you have never even heard of the Fort Moore Memorial. "Where is it?" you ask.

Let's just say that it's not that smallish statue on the Utah State Capitol grounds. It's not on Temple Square in Salt Lake City, either (in fact, it's length is greater than that of Temple Square itself!)

It's not in Washington, D.C. In fact, the Memorial is far more massive than "The Wall," the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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Order No. 9
Read Lieut. Col. P. ST. George Cooke's famous order
Building the Fort and Liberty Pole
A eyewitness account of how the Fort was erected
Raising the Flag
The first U.S. flag to fly over this now major U.S. city
How to Get There
Detailed directions that will take you to the Memorial
Help Rebuild the Memorial
It's condition is EMBARRASSING!!!

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