George Cooke's Order No. 9

From Daniel Tyler's journal: On April 24, 1847, Lieut. Col. P. ST. George Cooke issued his now famous Order No. 9 in which he ordered the Mormon Battalion to erect the fort later called Fort Moore in honor of Captain Benjamin Moore, U.S. Army, who was killed in the battle of San Pasquel on Dec. 6, 1846. The order read as follows:

Southern Military District
Los Angeles
Apr. 24, 1847

The Mormon Battalion will erect a small fort on the eminence which commands the town of Los Angeles. Company A will encamp on the ground tomorrow forenoon. The whole company will be employed in the diligent prosecution of the labor for one week, but there will be a daily detail of a non-commissioned officer and six privates for the camp guard. The hours of labor will be from six o'clock until 12 o'clock and from 1 o'clock until 6 o'clock. The guard will mount at half past 5 o'clock.

(2) Lieutenant Davidson, First Dragoons, will trace tomorrow on the site selected, his plan, which has been approved of, a fort with one small bastion, front for at least six guns in Barbette, assisted by the Company Officers. He will have the direction as Superintendent, which pertains to an officer of engineers. As assistant quartermaster, he will procure the necessary tools.

P. St. George Cooke
Lt. Col. Commanding

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