The Mormon Battalion Raises the Flag Over L.A.

From Daniel Tyler's journal:

On the 4th, the entire command of the place assembled under Colonel Stevenson, in the fort, at sunrise. The "Star Spangled Banner" was played by the New York volunteer band, while the colors were being raised. Nine cheers were given for the stars and stripes, and "Hail Columbia" was played by the band, after which thirteen guns were fired by the first dragoons. The companies were then marched back to their quarters.

At eleven a.m., the command was again called out, under arms, and the dragoons and the Battalion paraded inside the fort. Many Californians and Indians were present to witness the ceremonies. The Declaration of Independence was read by our worthy quartermaster, Lieutenant Stoneman, of the 1st Dragoons, "Hail Columbia" was again played by the band, and Colonel Stevenson made a brief and appropriate speech, giving the fortification the name of Fort Moore, in honor of the brave Captain Benjamin Moore. The band then played "Yankee Doodle," followed by a patriotic song by Levi W. Hancock of the Battalion and a march tune by the band, after which Colonel Stevenson proposed to have the Declaration of Independence read, if the Californians desired it, in the Spanish language, but the offer was respectfully declined.

The soldiers were each treated to a glass of wine, marched to their quarters, and dismissed. Thus ended the ceremonies of the day.

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