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Win FREE Software When you Find the Alphabet!

We have presented to you lots of words and pictures about the Deseret alphabet. Now it's your turn to do something!

It's easy and fun: while you are driving around Utah (or wherever) this summer, look for the Deseret alphabet. Look for tombstones, buildings (old and new), books (old and new), signs or anything else you can think of. Ask people if they know anything about the Deseret alphabet--you might be surprised.

Be sure to look for more Deseret alphabet sites or items on the Web.

When you find a Deseret alphabet item, let us know. It's easy--just fill out the form below and hit the "Send" button. We'll post your items here for others to enjoy!


Show us what you've found, and we'll send you a FREE copy of the Deluxe Collectors Edition of the Deseret alphabet font!

Here are a couple of things to get you started:

These are just some of the places where you can see the Deseret alphabet in use. We'll post others here in the future, so check back often.

Remember to keep looking for the Deseret alphabet--and let us know what you find!

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