Handy Items to Help You With the Alphabet

Brion Zion's UTAH Centennial is the official text for the Deseret alphabet course. This Collectors Edition is a 32-page activity book that celebrates Deseret and Utah: past, present and future. Eight of the 32 pages contain activities involving the amazing Deseret alphabet. Get your copy FREE when you get the Deluxe Collectors Edition of the Deseret alphabet font. For more information, CLICK HERE!

The other item you will need is the Deseret alphabet font. It contains all 38 characters of the original Deseret alphabet. Proprietary design techniques enabled us to accurately reproduce the character shape and overall typeface quality of the Deseret Alphabet type that was cast in New York and used to print the 1869 Book of Mormon. Our nifty keyboard arrangement will let you quickly master the amazing Deseret alphabet.

For more information, including an offer for a FREE book when you get the Deluxe Collectors Edition of the font, CLICK HERE!

NOTE: This is a Windows TrueType font--DOS and Mac versions are not yet available.

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