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Photos of 2 Rare Books (and one new book)!

Deseret alphabet books are not extremely rare--remember that there are at least 28,500 copies of Deseret alphabet books in existence. However, they were never widely distributed and hence, are seldom seen today.

Click on the thumbnails below to view images that are about 6 times larger than the images shown. Each full-size image is about 55K and will take 1/2 minute or so do download at 28.8K.

This is the cover of The Deseret First Book, published in 1868 by Russell Brothers in New York. It is a basic reader, used by the University of Deseret (forerunner to the present University of Utah). Note the beehive at the top of the cover.

To read the book (in Deseret alphabet), Click Here!

This is the cover of the 1869 Book of Mormon, also published in New York. This book represents only the fifth time the Book of Mormon was translated into something other than English. No, that's NOT the angel Moroni atop the Salt Lake City temple!

This is what you'll see on the cover of this special Collectors Item published just for the Utah Centennial Celebration. It's Brion Zion's UTAH Centennial! This 32-page activity book celebrates Utah: past, present and future. Eight of the 32 pages contain activities involving the amazing Deseret alphabet. Get your copy FREE when you order the Deluxe Collectors Edition of the Deseret alphabet font. For more information, CLICK HERE!

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