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Some general advice:

The Beehive Font is a standard TrueType font. For it (or any other TrueType font) to work properly, you must enable TrueType fonts from the Control Panel. See the instructions on "Setting TrueType Options" in Section III, HOW TO ADD (OR REMOVE) THE BEEHIVE FONT.

For help installing the font, choose the Help button or press F1 while using the Fonts dialog box. Look in your Windows users guide if you need further help installing the font.

For help printing the font, choose the Help button or press F1 while using the Print dialog box. Search for help on TrueType fonts. Look in the Windows users guide for more information. If you still have trouble getting the font to print, consult the users guide for your printer. Try printing at a slightly smaller or larger size (e.g., 25 points instead of 24)--sometimes that helps.

Some specific problems and solutions:

1. Problem: I can't install the Deseret Font in Windows.

Solution: To install this font (or any TrueType font) you must be running Microsoft Windows version 3.1 or later. Clean screen fonts and output are possible because a typeface rasterizer is built into this version of Windows. Earlier versions do not have this feature. It's time to upgrade!

2. Problem: The installed font doesn't appear in my applications.

Solution: Make sure you have enabled TrueType Fonts from the Control Panel (see above). Remember to restart Windows after enabling the fonts. If that doesn't work, open the WIN.INI file and make sure that the font has a valid entry (correct file path references) in the [fonts] section. Check the softfont listing section of the WIN.INI file and make sure that your printer is set to print to the port specified. You can use the Windows Control Panel to set up your printer properly.

3. Problem: Printer restarts or errors occur when printing a document.

Solution: The document may contain too many fonts or your printer may have too little memory to handle all of the fonts at the same time. Remove some fonts from your document and try printing again.

4. Problem: The Deseret Font characters appear on the screen but do not print out.

Solution: Change the characters to a slightly smaller or larger size and try printing your document again.

5. Problem: Italic, Bold or Bold Italic fonts do not appear in the application font menu.

Solution: To use the italic, bold or bold italic version of the Deseret Font, select the base font from the font menu. Then select the effect you desire (italic, bold, bold italic, etc.) from the Style menu.

Product Support

If you have further questions about the Beehive Font, contact the Wanderer Press via email at or write to the Wanderer Press at P.O. Box 617, No. Hollywood, CA 91603.

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